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Electric Heat Reactor

Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional China Electric Heat Reactor manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us.

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Product Description

High quality Electric Heat Reactor is offered by China manufacturer Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical. Buy Electric Heat Reactor which is of high quality directly with low price. The Electric Heat Reactor has the characteristics of fast heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, hygiene, no environmental pollution, no need for automatic heating of the boiler, and convenient use. Use an electric heating rod to heat the heat transfer oil inside the jacket, so that the temperature of the heat transfer oil rises to the required temperature. Then, a temperature control instrument controls the electric heating rod to power off and maintain a constant temperature. It is a new type of product developed on the basis of absorbing advanced technology both domestically and internationally, widely used in industries such as medicine, chemical industry, food, natural seasoning, food additives, and light industry.

The Electric Heat Reactor is based on the working principle of uniformly distributing high-quality electric heaters at the bottom of the enamel reaction kettle jacket to heat the thermal oil in the jacket, and transferring heat through an oil bath to make the materials in the reaction kettle reach the required temperature of the process. It has the characteristics of clean and hygienic, pollution-free, and fast heating up.

Usage characteristics of Electric Heat Reactor

The Electric Heat Reactor is composed of the pot body, pot cover, mixer, jacket, support and transmission device, shaft sealing device, etc. The material and opening can be determined according to the user's process requirements. Heating forms include electric heating, oil heating, gas heating, water heating (or cooling), open flame heating, etc. The jacket form is divided into: jacket type and outer half tube type, and the jacket oil heating type is equipped with a guide device. The mixing forms generally include paddle type, anchor type, frame type, screw type, and scraping wall type. The high speed category includes dispersed impeller type, turbine type, high shear type, and propeller type, for customers to choose according to the process. The transmission forms include ordinary motors, explosion-proof motors, electromagnetic speed regulating motors, frequency converters, etc. The heat exchangers include cycloidal pinwheel type, worm wheel type, and planetary infinitely variable speed type. The shaft seal is composed of ordinary water-cooled packing seal, combined PTFE packing seal, and mechanical seal. The discharge forms include ball valves and downward expansion valves.

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