Spiral Half-Pipe Jacket Reactor
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Spiral Half-Pipe Jacket Reactor

You can rest assured to buy Spiral Half-Pipe Jacket Reactor from Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. The Spiral Half-Pipe Jacket Reactor has a special jacket made by spiral half pipe welded to the reactor outer wall,the special jacket can hold heat transfer oil or other heating or cooling media inside the chamber formed by inner wall of the half pipe and the outer wall of the reactor, and, it can also enhance the strength of the reactor body.

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Product Description

Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd. designs and produces various types of reactors for customers. One type of reactor is quite different, which is different from traditional jacket type reactors and has advantages that jacket type reactors do not have. It can be used to achieve heating, evaporation, cooling, and low or high speed mixing functions.This type of reactor is an outer half- pipe reactor.

The characteristics and application of the outer half- pipe reactor:

The outer half-pipe reactor, also known as the outer coil tube reactor, is often used for reactors with too many internal structures or too many openings on the reactor.

The heat source of the outer half tube reactor is steam, hot water, or thermal oil flowing between the outer wall of the reactor shell and the half tube. Replacing the traditional jacket form.

The outer half tube reactor, like a jacket reactor, can also be used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticides, dyes, pharmaceuticals, food, and other processes such as vulcanization, nitrification, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, and polycondensation.

Details of outer half-pipe reactor

The spiral outer pipe of the spiral half-pipe reactor adopts a half pipe design, which can reduce the wall thickness of the reactor body and improve the pressure bearing capability of the reactor.

The semicircular tube jacket of the outer half-pipe reactor divides the inner cylinder into Pressure conditions that are subjected to local external pressure inside semicircular tube and pressure inside the cylinder . The outer half tube jacket can also prevent the instability of the inner cylinder. From the overall perspective of the reactor, each outer spiral tube jacket serves as a strengthening ring for the reactor cylinder, replacing the jacket body that causes the inner cylinder to be subjected to overall external pressure. The outer spiral tube jacket has a strong Pressure resistance capability between 0.6 and 2.5 MPa, which can greatly improve the quality of the heat transfer medium during non heat sensitive material reactions.

Taking steam heating as an example, the half-pipe jacket reactor using a semicircular tube .the steam pressure reduction is often controlled at 0.4MPa. When using an external spiral tube jacket reactor, the steam pressure can be between 0.7 and 1.3 MPa, without the need for further pressure reduction. Due to the significant improvement in the stress state of the inner cylinder by the outer spiral tube jacket, the wall thickness of the inner cylinder is relatively reduced. Due to the gaps in the welding process of the outer coil tube jacket, when the required heat transfer is the same, the heat transfer area of the half-pipe jacket reactor is correspondingly smaller.

The outer half-pipe reactor has the advantages of high heating efficiency, fast material cooling speed, and reduced customer production costs. It is very stable and has less noise during operation. The entire equipment is easy to clean and can be continuously used. The half-pipe jacket reactor disperses and stirs the raw materials, with good sealing effect and no leakage. The built-in discharge ensures complete discharge without residue.

The half-pipe jacket reactor is more conducive to the heat transfer efficiency, as it can serve as a heat source chamber,the structure ensures to reduce the air thermal resistance in the reactor; Also it can help to achieve the goal of saving energy consumption, the ratio of jacket volume to half pipe volume is8: 1. which can reduce investment and production cost.

It can not only improve the heat transfer coefficient, but also reduce the thermal resistance and is suitable for cooling processes. It can also increase the flow rate of the medium in the spiral half-pipe, and the high-speed flowing medium can effectively prevent scaling on the inner surface of the half-pipe jacket. At the same time, this equipment can also reduce the overall diameter of the reactor body and save space.

Therefore, the outer half-pipe jacket reactor has the following advantages:

1. Reduce the wall thickness of the reactor body and improve its load capability (the wall thickness of the reactor body and lower head is 37.5% and 50% thinner than that of the traditional jacket reactor); 

2. It is beneficial for improving heat transfer efficiency (it can not only increase the heat transfer coefficient but also reduce thermal resistance);

3. Save energy consumption (the ratio of jacket volume to half-pipe volume is 8, reducing thermal resistance);

4. Fast cooling efficiency (reducing customer costs);

5. Reducing the overall diameter of the reactor body is beneficial for workshop layout.

Different types of metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium steel, etc. can be used to build the half -pipe jacket reactor.

The half-pipe jacket reactor consists of the following structures:

1.spiral half pipe

2.Reactor body


4.Stirrer (various types of mixing or combinations)

5.Driving device (motor, reducer, magnetic stirring)

6.Shaft sealing device (packing seal, single end machine seal, double end machine seal, magnetic seal, etc.)

7.Support (Supporting bearer or ear seat)

When Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is designing anhalf-pipe jacket reactor for customers, please kindly provide HDH following data and parameters.

1. Volume: ______L

2. Half-pipe jacket :heat exchange area ______㎡

heat source: A steam heating B hot water C Heat transfer oil heating 

3. Working pressure: jacket pressure ______MPa, inner cylinder pressure _______MPa

4. Working temperature: jacket ______℃ inner cylinder ______℃

5. Material:

Jacket A: Q235B B: Q345R C: S30408 D: 3216R8 E: S31603 F: Other

Inner cylinder A: Q235B B: Q345R C: S30408 D: 32168 E: S31603 F: Other

6. Mixing type: A: paddle type B: frame type C: anchor type D: turbine propulsion type E: others

7. Reducer: A: Cycloidal pin wheel reducer B: gear reducer rotating speed: ______rpm

8. Motor power: ______KW, whether explosion-proof______ variable frequency is required______

9. Shaft seal: A: Packing box B: Mechanical seal 204 C: Mechanical seal 205 D: Other

10. Inner coil tube  

A: Heating area: ______square meter

B: Cooling area: ______square meter

Half-pipe jacket reactor

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