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Industrial Methyl Alcohol Distillation Columns Or Towers
  • Industrial Methyl Alcohol Distillation Columns Or TowersIndustrial Methyl Alcohol Distillation Columns Or Towers

Industrial Methyl Alcohol Distillation Columns Or Towers

Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional Industrial Methyl Alcohol Distillation Columns Or Towers manufacturers and suppliers in China. The Industrial Methyl Alcohol Distillation Columns Or Towers consists of a recovery tower, consisting of six parts: a tower kettle, a tower body, a condenser, a cooler, a buffer tank, and a high-level storage tank. It can be used for the recovery of dilute alcohol in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals, and has good corrosion resistance and durability.

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Product Description

Welcome Industrial Methyl Alcohol Distillation Columns Or Towers from us, every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours. Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Industrial Methyl Alcohol Distillation Columns Or Towers and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. In industries such as chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, food, and environmental protection,Methyl alcohol is one of the solvents are widely used. After a certain period of time or cycle of use, when Methyl alcohol are not suitable for further use, how should they be treated? Is it directly discharged? Or should we deal with it through other means? At this point, for the sake of environmental protection, it is necessary to achieve harmless treatment. And the processing cost is also very high. So is there any method for treating solutions containing Methyl alcohol , so that Methyl alcohol can continue to be recycled while meeting processing standards, or degraded for other applications ,which can greatly reduce production costs, environmental emissions, and resource waste. So, HDH (Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.)will tell you that choosing the appropriate Methyl alcohol distillation Tower(Column ) can help you achieve your goal of reducing consumption and emissions, and even generate direct benefits. The Methyl alcohol distillation tower(Column) is one such device that can meet your requirements. The design of Methyl alcohol distillation towers may vary depending on the actual condition or specification. HDH(Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd.) is a professional Methyl alcohol distillation tower equipment manufacturer from Wuxi, China with many years of experience in tower equipment design and manufacturing. The Methyl alcohol distillation tower (Column) equipment designed and manufactured by HDH , which are adopted by many users in various industrial fields.

The Methyl alcohol distillation tower has a wide range of applications and a large quantity. Its operational performance has a significant impact on the production of the entire device, product output, quality, cost, environmental protection. Methyl alcohol distillation tower can also be divided into two categories based on their structure: plate type Methyl alcohol distillation tower towers and packing type Methyl alcohol distillation tower. The research of plate tower started early, its fluid mechanics and mass transfer model are relatively mature, and the data are reliable. Because new types of packing with excellent performance have come out one after another, especially the continuous development and application of structured packing and new tower internals, and the continuous deepening of basic theoretical research, new breakthroughs have been made in the amplification technology of packed tower, which has changed the situation that the plate Methyl alcohol distillation tower is mainly used, and the packed Methyl alcohol distillation tower has entered a new period.

HDH will need you to provide following data and parameters so as to design the Methyl Alcohol Distillation Tower that can meet your requirements:

1. Raw Material Feeding amount per unit time:_______

2. Detailed composition of raw materials:______

3. Tower top output amount ______kg/h, with a concentration requirement of ______%; 

4. Tower bottom output amount ______kg/h, with a concentration requirement of ______%; 

5. Whether the material has thermal sensitivity:______£ ;Please specify: ______

6. Corrosion: ______; 

7. Operating flexibility: ______upper limit; ______Lower limit; 

8. Operating time: _______hours/day; 

9. Cooling water temperature (inlet/outlet): ______℃ in summer, _______℃ in winter; 

10. Chilled water temperature (inlet/outlet): ______℃; 

11. Steam pressure (gauge pressure): ______MPa 

12. Heat transfer oil temperature: _______℃; 

13. Installation environment: ______indoor£ ;______outdoor£ 

14. Meteorological environmental conditions 

15. Selection conditions for electrical equipment (Electric Power Supply Condition)______

Details of Methyl alcohol distillation tower

(1) Feed condition

The feeding conditions generally include bubble point feeding, dew point feeding, gas-liquid mixture feeding, subcooled liquid feeding, and superheated steam feeding. This design uses bubble point feeding. The use of bubble point feeding not only makes the operation of the stabilizer more convenient, but also is not affected by seasonal climate and temperature. The bubble point feeding is based on the assumption of constant molar flow, and the tower diameters of the primary distillation section and fine distillation section are basically equal, making it more convenient for manufacturing.

(2) Tower top condensation method

(3) Reflux method

The reflux method can be divided into gravity reflux and forced reflux. For small towers, the reflux condenser is generally installed at the top of the tower. Its advantage is that the reflux condenser does not require a supporting structure, while its disadvantage is that it is difficult to control the reflux of the reflux condenser. For small towers, gravity reflux is used.

(4) Heating method

Heating methods can be divided into direct steam and indirect steam heating. Direct steam heating is the process of using steam to enter the tower directly from the bottom. Due to the fact that the heavy component is water, the heating device is omitted. Indirect steam heating is the process of partially vaporizing the kettle liquid through a heater, where the rising steam and the returning cold liquid transfer mass. This task uses indirect steam heating. Due to the small diameter of the tower, a built-in coil reboiler is used, and water vapor is used as the heating medium.

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