Steam Heating reactor
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Steam Heating reactor

Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd as the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you high quality Steam Heating reactor. The Steam Heating reactor is composed of a cylinder body, cover, agitator, heating jacket, support, transmission device, shaft seal device, etc. The reactor body, cover, agitator, and shaft seal are all made of approved metal or alloy.

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Product Description

Kettle type equipment (tank) with agitators is a common reactor in the chemical industry, commonly referred to as a reactor. The reactor can be used for liquid-liquid homogeneous reactions, as well as for liquid-solid, liquid-gas, or liquid-solid- gas heterogeneous reactions.

Reactor is a widely used equipment in chemical equipment. Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer with many years of design and production of chemical equipment, has been supplying various forms of reaction kettle to many customers all year round.

Steam heating reactor is one type of the reactors , which uses steam as the heating source.

Characteristics and applications of steam heating reaction kettle:

The heating principle of steam heating reactor is to feed steam into the jacket of the reactor , transfer steam heat energy into the reaction kettle, and the raw materials in the reaction kettle absorbs heat energy and goes into corresponding reactions.

The steam heating reactor is composed of the reactor body, transmission, stirring device, heating device, etc.

Application of steam heating reactor:

Steam heating reactor has the characteristics of fast heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, hygiene, no environmental pollution, no need for automatic heating of the boiler, and easy to operate. It has great flexibility and is easy to replace, and is widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticides, dyes, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. It is used to complete processes such as evaporation, sulfonation, chlorination, nitrification, polymerization, etc.

Details of steam heating reactor:

The inner reactor body and jacket of the steam heating reactor are durable and wear-resistant under normal pressure, with a reasonable structure, and have characteristics such as corrosion resistance, convenient use, and high temperature resistance. Steam heated reactor are commonly used for the decomposition, polymerization, and concentration of materials.

When the heating temperature of the reactor is below 100 ℃, steam at one atmospheric pressure can be used for heating; Saturated steam is used within the range of 100-180 ℃. When the temperature of the reactor is much higher, high-pressure superheated steam can be used.

The steam heating reactor consists of the following structures:

Structural features

The oil heating reactor consists of the following structures

Reactor body



Stirrer (various types of mixing or combinations)

Driving device (motor, reducer, magnetic stirring)

Shaft sealing device (packing seal, single end machine seal, double end machine seal, magnetic seal, etc.)

Support (Supporting bearer or ear seat)

When Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is designing a Steam heating reactor that meets customer needs, it is necessary to get following data and parameters.

1. Volume: ______L

2. Jacket heating method: A steam heating B Heat transfer oil heating C electric heating

3. Working pressure: jacket pressure _______MPa, inner cylinder pressure ______MPa

4. Working temperature: jacket ______℃ inner cylinder ______℃

5. Material:

Jacket A: Q235B B: Q345R C: S30408 D: 3216R8 E: S31603 F: Other______

Inner cylinder A: Q235B B: Q345R C: S30408 D: 32168 E: S31603 F: Other______

6. Mixing type: A: paddle type B: frame type C: anchor type D: turbine propulsion type E: others

7. Reducer: A: Cycloidal pin wheel reducer £B: gear reducer £ rotating speed: rpm

8. Motor power: ______KW, whether explosion-proof variable frequency is required

9. Shaft seal: A: Packing box B: Mechanical seal 204 C: Mechanical seal 205 D: Other

10. Inner coil tube 

A: Heating area: ______square meter

B: Cooling area: ______square meter

Steam Heat Reactor

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