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What are the accessories of a general extraction tower?


Extraction tower is a device used for the transfer and separation of substances between liquid-liquid or gas-liquid phases, commonly used in fields such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, etc. Its accessories include the following main parts:

1. Tower cylinder: The main body of an extraction tower, usually made of metal materials (such as stainless steel) or carbon steel coated with PE/PTFE or other engineering polymers, with some corrosion resistance and pressure resistance.

2. Tray: A horizontal partition located inside the tower body, used to separate the liquid and gas phases inside the tower. Common tray types include perforated plate, foam tray, sieve plate, etc., which are used to increase the material contact area and improve the mass transfer efficiency.

3. Tower packing: A material used to increase the contact area between the liquid and gas phases in the tower, promoting material transfer and separation. Common types of fillers raw include annular fillers, spherical fillers, sheet fillers, etc.

4. Material inlet and outlet: used to introduce the raw material liquid or gas to be processed into the Tower body and separate the products. Usually including feed inlet, top outlet, and bottom outlet.

5. Liquid distributor: used to evenly distribute the flow of liquid phase on the tray to ensure even distribution of liquid phase on the tray.

6. Gas phase distributor: used to evenly distribute the flow of gas phase on the tray to ensure even distribution of gas phase on the tray.

7. Pump and pipeline system: used to provide circulation and flow of the liquid phase, including feed pumps, circulation pumps, discharge pumps, etc. The pipeline system is responsible for guiding the liquid phase to various parts.

8. Control instrument: used to monitor and control parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow inside the tower to ensure the normal operation and processing of the extraction tower.

The above are common accessories for general extraction towers, and different types of extraction towers may have specific accessories or structures. The selection and design of accessories need to be determined based on specific application requirements, material characteristics, and process conditions.

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