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What factors determine the production capacity of the rotary extraction tower?


A Rotary extraction tower is a chemical equipment used to extract chemical substances from one phase to another. It is usually composed of a few parallel rotating discs and a few stationary chambers, with many rollers on the rotating disc used to transport substances between the two phases. During the operation, one solvent transfers the substance to be extracted to another solvent, which is usually water or organic solvent. It is widely used in industries such as chemistry, medicine, and food to extract and purify chemical substances.

The production capacity of a rotary extraction tower depends on multiple factors such as tower size, design parameters(height etc.), and working conditions. Generally, the production capacity of large tower equipment is higher than that of small tower equipment. In addition, they also need to be manufactured and designed according to different extraction processes and operational requirements, so the production capacity will also vary accordingly. Overall, the production capacity of the rotary extraction tower can be flexibly adjusted according to actual production needs.

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