Mechanical Vapor Recompressed Evaporator
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Mechanical Vapor Recompressed Evaporator

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Product Description

Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltdl is a professional Mechanical Vapor Recompressed Evaporator manufacturers and suppliers in China. With the increase of energy cost, when the total amount of evaporation is relatively large, and evaporation is relatively stable with little fluctuation, and there is a requirement to reduce operating costs, Wuxi Hongdinghua Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (HDH) will recommend that you choose MVR evaporator.

The MVR evaporation system has the following features and advantages:

1. Low operating cost. The application of MVR evaporator can help you reduce operating costs because it uses low temperature and low pressure evaporation technology, while utilizing electricity, which cost is relatively stable. Due to technological developing, various forms of green energy are converted into electric energy, allowing the cost of electric energy to remain stable for a relatively long time. Therefore,Selecting MVR evaporators will help you to improve competitiveness in reducing operating costs. According to statistics, for customers who currently use MVR evaporators, based on actual data feedback, most of the project investment in MVR evaporators can be recovered within six months to one year . In the future, you will be equivalent to owning a machine that continuously creates additional value for you.

2. The MVR evaporator designed and manufactured by Wuxi Hongdinghua has high heat utilization efficiency, low heat energy per unit evaporation, and much less fresh steam needs to be supplemented, so it can save energy, has high conversion efficiency of electric energy, and has low power required by equipment. The energy consumption of MVR evaporators is usually 20% to 40% of that of traditional multi effect evaporators, so MVR evaporators are not only environmentally friendly but also have significant energy-saving effects and high thermal efficiency.

3. The MVR evaporator has a high level of automation and is easy to operate. In comparison, multi effect evaporators require the use of high-temperature and high-pressure steam as the heat source. In addition, operators must undergo professional training and have complex operating regulations. The control of MVR evaporators usually uses industrial control computers, PLCs, and frequency converters, enabling the entire MVR evaporator system to operate automatically. This not only reduces personnel allocation but also reduces the professional ability of operators. The process is simple and practical.

4. Less required floor area for MVR Evaporator,Space saving. Under the same production requirements as traditional evaporators, the floor area of MVR evaporators is much lower than that of traditional multi effect evaporators. The MVR evaporator has a compact design, making it easy to install, test running, and transport.

5. There are less facilities needed, and the total investment for the project is low. MVR can evaporate below 40 ℃ without the need for refrigeration equipment, making it particularly suitable for heat sensitive materials.

6. Due to the MVR evaporator is actual a single effect evaporator, the product has a short residence time,so that the quality of finish product is higher.

Application of MVR evaporator

1. Treatment of Industrial Wastewater (Environmental Protection)

Concentration of industrial sewage and water recycling. Sewage treatment, such as electroplating industry, coating production industry, pharmaceutical and pesticide industry, metal processing industry, papermaking industry, and crude oil production industry.

Remove organic matter and inorganic salts from sewage and turn waste into treasure. MVR evaporator is the best solution for the reuse of high salt industrial wastewater.

2. Chemical industry

Process water treatment for preparing hollow fiber molecules 

Purification of seasonings 

Production of chemical raw materials such as sodium chloride and sodium persulfate 

Seawater desalination 

Concentrated crystalline organic additives 

Extract liquid 

Analyze the reaction products as solvents and products

3. Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a traditional industry, with a large number of obsolete evaporators and outdated evaporators, which not only impact quality of drugs but also wastes a lot of energy. There is an urgent need to upgrade and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The evaporation, concentration, crystallization, and drying required for the production of medicine.

Herbal medicine concentration

It should be noted that the MVR evaporator has a small effective temperature difference, a large heat exchange area, and high equipment value. The evaporation volume allowance is small. The adjustable range of the designed evaporation volume is small. If the evaporation volume needs to be increased, the secondary steam production will increase accordingly. At this time, the steam inlet pressure of the compressor will exceed the design pressure, which will lead to the increase of the operating current of the compressor. If the speed of the compressor is reduced by frequency converter control, the temperature rise will decrease, which will lead to a small temperature difference of the supersaturated solution and reduce evaporation. If we want to reduce the evaporation, the secondary steam generation will not meet the design requirements of the compressor inlet pressure, causing the compressor Intermittent vibration. Although it can be alleviated or compensated by opening the bypass, but long-time operation will lead to a decrease in the compressor temperature rising , less secondary steam generation, and eventually the compressor will be forced to stop.

MVR evaporator details

The MVR evaporator reduces the demand for external energy by reusing the energy generated by secondary steam. MVR evaporators are widely used in fields such as chemical engineering, food, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, seawater desalination, and sewage treatment. MVRWorking principle of MVR evaporator

MVR is a single evaporator that adopts segmented evaporation according to the required product concentration. When the product cannot reach the required concentration after passing through the MVR evaporator for the first time, the product is pumped to the upper part of the MVR evaporator through the external pipeline of the MVR evaporator using the vacuum pump at the lower part of the MVR evaporator after leaving the MVR evaporator. This repeated evaporation process is used to achieve the required concentration.

The interior of the MVR evaporator is a parallel and vertical arrangement of heat exchange tubes. The inside of the heat exchange tube is the raw material, and the outside of the heat exchange tube is steam. The raw material liquid flows from top to bottom. During this process, the surface area inside the tube increases, causing the product to flow in a film shape,which increases the heating area of the raw material liquid. At the same time, a negative pressure is formed in the tube side of the MVR evaporator through a vacuum pump, thereby lowered the boiling point of water in the raw material liquid and achieving low-temperature concentration, The evaporation temperature is generally around 60 ℃.

The steam condensate, part of the fresh steam, and residual steam generated after heating and evaporating the raw material liquid through the MVR evaporator are separated through a vapor liquid separator. The condensed water flows out from the lower part of the vapor liquid separator to preheat the raw material liquid entering the MVR evaporator. The steam is pressurized through a steam compressor (the higher the steam pressure, the higher the temperature), The pressurized steam then converges through the pipeline and passes through the heating section of the MVR evaporator again.

When starting the MVR evaporator, a portion of steam is required for preheating. After normal operation, the required steam will be significantly reduced. During the process of pressurizing the secondary steam by the steam compressor, electrical energy is converted into steam heat energy. Therefore, during the operation of the equipment, the required steam is reduced, while the required electricity is increased.

The temperature of the raw material liquid in the MVR evaporator is always around 60 ℃ during the flow process, and the temperature difference between the heating steam and the raw material liquid is also maintained at around 5-8 ℃. The smaller the temperature difference between the raw material liquid and the heating medium, the better it is to protect product quality and effectively prevent tube sticking.

When the concentration requirement of the product is around 50%, It can be completed through MVR evaporator only. When the required concentration is 60%, flash evaporation equipment is needed.

MVR schematic diagram

Energy flow chart of MVR

The MVR Evaporator is under installing

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